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Mr. Carrot



Crochet your own amigurumi friend and give it a new home or spread the love with handmade gifts.

My patterns are mostly easy and always fun! 


If you're looking for a gift that would make anyone instantly smile, then this guy is for you

Apple & Worm

When summer comes you just gotta have a cute slice of Watermelon!

Bunny Rattle & Plushie

Looking for a quick and fun project you can give as a gift? Then this is the pattern for you

Charlotte the Flamingo

This lovely bird is perfect as a newborn gift. She's great for beginners and works up fast

Mini Jellyfish

If you've been stung by amigurumi patterns in the past, try this SUPER easy pattern :)

Watermelon Rattle

A cute baby rattle to make for your cutie. Smiling or sleeping, this watermelon is always sweet!


Make a Seahorse family! To make different sizes, just change the size of your hook and yarn

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